Direct Care is a medical care system that allows your employees and their families to see Dr. Hendler whenever they need to, paid for by a low monthly fee that covers all services performed in our office, with no additional charges. Included are: same or next day appointment times, complete primary and preventive care, diagnostic tests (optional low cash prices available for tests sent to outside laboratory), on-site X-ray, medical treatments, minor surgery, 24x7 on-call availability, consultation with other health care providers, and assistance and advocacy in all healthcare situations.

Research has shown that 90% to 95% of health issues can be managed in a doctor’s office. Replacing traditional comprehensive medical insurance with our program will definitely reduce your costs and adding a high deductible/low premium insurance policy to cover care provided outside of our office, which we recommend, will likely still save you money.

2018 Patient Fee Schedule*

  Under 20 years old         $126.26 Monthly Fee         $1,515.12 Annual Fee
  20 - 29 years old              $150.87 Monthly Fee         $1,810.44 Annual Fee
  30 - 39 years old              $176.55 Monthly Fee         $2,118.60 Annual Fee
  40 - 49 years old              $201.16 Monthly Fee         $2,413.92 Annual Fee
  50 - 59 years old              $233.26 Monthly Fee         $2,799.12 Annual Fee
  60 - 69 years old              $264.29 Monthly Fee         $3,171.48 Annual Fee
  Over 70 years old           $296.39 Monthly Fee          $3,556.68 Annual Fee

       *Family members of employees receive a 10% discount for family members under 20 years of age and a 5% discount for family members 20 or more years of age on Patient Fees


With Direct Care, employees and their families will receive the services they want or need, not as dictated by their insurance. Our low volume medical practice allows for the development of meaningful doctor-patient relationships with more time to provide excellent care.

Our focus on health maintenance and prevention may result in less sick days with additional savings for you.
Please take the time to carefully consider our program. For more information or details, visit our website, hendlermd.com, or call the office to schedule time to meet with us and to further discuss if this type of care would be a good match for your employees, their families and your business.