What Direct Care Costs


Our sliding fee schedule reflects the fact that younger people generally require less medical care, while older people generally require more care.

       Patient Age          Monthly Cost
                                                   Under 20                   $135.10                                                     
20 to 29                     $161.40
30 to 39                      $188.90
40 to 49                      $215.20
50 to 59                      $249.60
60 to 69                      $282.70
     70 & Up                     $317.10     

We offer a 10% discount for family members under 20 years of age and a 5% discount for family members 20 or more years of age, if those members use the same payment options and the fees for the family are paid by one individual. The person responsible for the fees is not required to participate in the program, family members are not required to reside in the same home, and family members are not required to be related by blood or law.

Cash for Labwork

Dramatically discounted fees for labwork performed by our partner outside laboratory are available for people wanting to pay cash for their labwork.  The lab bills us directly and we collect the money from you, saving them the costs associated with billing and collecting payments.

Lab Can Bill Insurance Directly

The laboratories we use for our outside testing can bill you or your insurance directly at full price.



We recommend that you protect yourself against the cost of outside services, catastrophic illnesses, and injuries. Complementing our primary care program with an appropriate low-premium, high-deductible insurance plan could actually reduce your overall health care costs.

Don't let your insurance decide how healthy you can be.