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You may like to know that your wisdom and insights have stayed with me all these years since we first met. I take great comfort, inspiration and great good humor from them all. In fact, my husband and I both often quote you, usually beginning with this prelude: “Well, remember, as Jared always says....” I can think of no greater respect and honor I can pay to you Dr. Hendler as a Doctor, and to you, Jared and Gail as people, but to say this: I believe meeting you was a key turning point in my life, a major influence on the thriving and vibrant healthy life I now enjoy and celebrate with tremendous gratitude every day. Thank you.

— Mary Anne Dorward, PCC, Author of "Survive To Thrive 11 Keys To Unlock Your Thriving Life" and "Words To Thrive By Powerful Stories of Courage and Hope
Dr. Hendler has been our primary physician for over 30 years. During that time healthcare has changed dramatically and in my opinion the quality of care has been diminished.

When I say diminished, I mean the doctor visits are short, with managed health (don’t know if this term is still correct) the physicians are required to see so many patients to meet their workload criteria. You go in for an appointment, you have to wait 20 or 30 minutes and when you get to see the doctor the visit seems rushed and some what incomplete. Scheduling of patients are all jammed up and the doctors do not value the patients time by the wait we have to endure.

Dr. Hendler on the other hand does not have a quota for seeing patients on a day. He is on time, does not over schedule. He will spend the time needed with you and there is no feeling of being rushed.

Dr. Hendler is not your typical doctor. He has set up his practice so patients can always reach him during and after hours.

Years ago my wife’s water broke at 1:30am. We just missed the last ferry to go to Seattle. Swedish Hospital where we planned on having our child. We called Dr Hendler and he came to our house by 2:00AM and arranged a medic transport to drive us around through Tacoma to get to Swedish Hospital. We left in the medic vehicle and Dr. Hendler went home. At the Tacoma Dome on I-5 Freeway the baby started to crown. We called Dr. Hendler and he walked us through delivering the baby as the Medic that traveled with us never delivered a baby before nor have I.

This is one of many things that sticks out in my mind that makes Jared a hero. Still to this day he is always there for us. We can call him at home if we have an emergency. Knowing he is always available is very comforting to my family and me.

If I were to summarize this hero into a few words for those who are old enough, I would call him The Doctor Marcus Welby MD of the Seattle area. He truly is the old fashion doctor that has kept up with modern medicine.

The Skelton Family is truly blessed and grateful to have Dr. Jared Hendler as our doctor. He has stood the test of time (over 30 years) to continue to win our confidence as being one of the best Physicians around.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick and Lisa Skelton
I want to stand up and cheer for your sensible, easy, and caring approach to healthcare. I have never heard of this model of family care, and I am immeasurably impressed. I found your website and had to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to your team for providing a sane and affordable alternative to the out-of-control American healthcare nightmare. Please know, that as a “statistically uninsurable” six-year cancer survivor, your humanity and generosity have deeply touched my heart.
— N. Robison
Dr. Hendler and Gail took such good care of me when I was at my very worst. They went out of their way to help, taking so much time to listen. He’s the only doctor to diagnose and treat my illness, thankfully. They are the kindest people I’ve been lucky enough to meet and miss them both.

Good People.
— J. Carson
I hate doctors. A terrible experience many years ago turned me into a feral kind of patient: I was definitely not going to trust anyone. Sheer desperation was about the only thing that would drive me in to seek medical care.

Four years ago I became a patient of Dr. Hendler’s. Not that I went in much at first. Twenty years of collective professional mistrust isn’t wiped out overnight. After all, I am a staunch little hater with experience to back it up.

Dr. Hendler and Gail live their philosophy. I was never “just a patient” to them, and it became clear, even to a veteran “MD-o-phobe” like me, that they truly care. Dr. Hendler would call after hours to deliver lab results, or just to tell me about something he thought would be beneficial. Gail would call to encourage me to come in when she knew I should. You can pay for medical treatment, but you can’t buy compassion. Dr. Hendler and Gail listened with their hearts and tamed the feral patient.

I can only assume if you are reading a review, you are probably looking for a physician. I encourage you to find someone that is worthy of your trust. I have finally found someone that is worthy of mine.
— Terry Griffin
Recently I entered into an agreement with Dr. Jared Hendler. I agreed to pay a year in advance for a year’s medical service.

I find the arrangement far superior to any plan in which I have been a participant, to mention only a few. It eliminates the nuisance of record keeping and bill paying, saving me time and money. Obviously it saves money in fees because the yearly rate is considerably less than the cumulative fees levied through the year for services rendered to me.

Most importantly, my particular health problems require qualities in a physician that Dr. Hendler has in abundance, caring, tenacity, experience, endurance, and patience. And finally a staff that shares the above mentioned qualities with Dr. Hendler.

We in Kitsap County are most fortunate to have Dr. Jared Hendler available to us for medical care when we need it.
— May Davis
Dr. Hendler, Gail, and Lynnda are by far the best and most compassionate care team on Bainbridge Island. My husband has been a patient for the past year. I firmly believe that the prompt and thorough care of this office has saved his life. The doctor and Gail work as an amazing team with true consideration and holistic care. I recommend them to everyone that I know!
— Karlene Colletti
Dr. Jared Hendler and Nurse Gail,

It is imperative we express the unbelievable care you have given over these last twenty five or more years! For this, Martha and I are forever grateful. Even now, as we vacation in Hawaii, you are ever available via phone and fax to help us no matter where we are and whatever the time!!

In the past, on two memorable occasions, you have literally saved my life through my heart attack and a lung embolism! You are an excellent Physician, Dr. Hendler.
Your on-going concern for patient’s need for preventative medicine ever present in your practice. The time you spend with us at every visit is unbelievable. You really care. For this we thank you.

The courage you have embarked upon to challenge the ever-increasing medical care cost for patient care and exorbitant charges made by the insurance industry, should be noted and recommend all investigate your unique program.

For the majority, most Family Dr’s Practice service is financially out of reach. However, you have endeavored to provide for the entire family a reasonable fee structure worth looking at. Thanks again to you and Gail for what you are doing for us and all in this community to keep Family Practice alive and well!
— Gil and Martha Jacobsen
Jared Hendler has been our family doctor for eight years. You won’t believe it, but I picked him out of the yellow pages because their advertisement said something like: Caring family practice. The first time I called, Nurse Gail Hendler answered the phone. My daughter had some type of virus and I’d called to make an appointment. Gail asked pertinent questions and concluded WE COULD WAIT several days, but if so-and-so happened, bring her in.

I was AMAZED. Here was a practice that was so sensible I was totally floored. And, to this day their service is like having your childhood family doctor at your fingertips. They never turned us away for a same day appointment. People...they call you up in the evening to see how you are doing! If only he’d come to our house! They doctored my daughter through that major catastrophe Jared wrote about on this site, the one you pray you never have.

We had a very inexpensive major medical policy that covered everything, no questions asked. With a good insurance company, this works perfectly.

We trust the Hendlers with our life. Besides, they are also hysterically funny people.
— Ellen and Chelsea Salsbury
I have been a patient of Dr. Hendler’s for over 25 years and have always been impressed with the thoughtfulness and sincere concern he has for his patients. The quality of care by Dr. Hendler and his staff has always been excellent. The atmosphere in the office is also a huge plus, in part due to Gail’s infectious attitude. Every time I go in I feel like I am visiting friends who are actually glad to see me.

This program “DirectCare”, has been a great addition to the whole experience. From a patient’s perspective you never have to worry about what it will cost and most importantly you don’t have to hassle with insurance companies. The patient/doctor relationship is much stronger without the third party intervention. Everyone should be so happy with their health care provider!
— David C. Williams
We have been patients of Dr. Hendler since 1984 and stayed with him over the years because of the very personal care he gives, answering all questions thoroughly, explaining everything carefully and checking with us afterwards as to the results of any treatment. He has maintained personal contact with us even while on a much deserved vacation. He stays on top of everything, consults or refers when necessary. We can’t imagine having another doctor.
— Bob and Carol Finch
I have been a patient of Dr. Hendler for many years. My husband was also a patient of Dr. Hendler. I feel that he brings his fine medical wisdom, compassion and time to every office visit that I have with him. These are all great attributes but the one I appreciate the most is that he listens to his patients. I feel like I have a say in my care because Dr. Hendler will give me my options along with their pros and cons and he helps me make a decision that is right for me. I have had a few medical emergencies, Dr. Hendler and Gail have always been there for me. They are very caring and make me feel very special. I am glad that I have them in my corner each and every day.
— Georgianna White
Dear Dr. Hendler and Gail,

One of the good things that happened for me this past year was signing on to your medical services. For the first time in decades I’ve felt in the hands of truly attentive, skillful, communicative, and highly informed (not to mention funny!) medical care.

Thank you for all you do, and I’ll be spreading the good word of your work in 2010.
— Mrs. D.
Our entire family has had the good fortune to have worked with Dr. Jared Hendler as our family doctor for years. Without a doubt, we have never received REAL medical care of the caliber provided by Dr.Hendler with any other General Practitioner. Dr. Hendler prides himself on being an excellent diagnostician and justifiably so. He always takes whatever time is needed to provide meaningful but plain language information not just a pill or the next round of tests but the pro’s and con’s of what the test results could mean, where they might lead, etc. Dr. Hendler will not stop providing you with indepth information because “your time is up” or “insurance won’t pay for it” or any other reason. Instead he listens and offers reasoned medical advice until the patient is completely satisfied.

We have also found Dr. Hendler’s knowledge of and positions on alternative medicine to be supportive and well-reasoned. He has enough confidence in his own abilities to be able to work in concert with the full range of alternative practitioners.

Even though we’ve worked with Dr. Hendler for years (on both minor and major medical issues and diseases), his new payment system is fair, free of the logjam in paperwork of the typical health insurance providers and we believe, the best bargain in medical care today. Where else would you have your doctor calling YOU regularly to assess your progress towards health and a better, fuller life on top of the best, in-office medical care.

And in closing, a reference to Dr Hendler’s office would not be complete without mention of Gail Hendler, the absolute most caring, thoughtful and talented medical assistant ANYONE could want.
— Tim and Billie Taylor
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— Jonathan L.